Saturday, 25 October 2014

FSA Dates

Having the food hygiene rating adds a lot to the listings of the restaurants, but these were a little lost without the date that they were checked – so, I’ve now added the date at which the Food Standards Agency checked the restaurant!

These are now displayed directly underneath the FSA logo showing the food rating.


Hovering over these images also gives a brief text-based description of what the Food Hygiene Rating image is showing, in addition to helping The Menu Pile website to be a little more accessible for those with visual impairments.

Further work

Even though this date is where the FSA have checked the restaurant, there’s another date that I think I’ll have to show on-screen, which is the date that The Menu Pile checks the FSA for our information.  We currently do this on a daily basis, meaning that any change in the food hygiene rating for any given restaurant will be reflected on our website within day of it changing on the Food Standards Agency website.

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