Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Inner workings…

For those of you that care, The Menu Pile is actually a well-engineered piece of work.


It is:

  • an ASP .Net MVC 5 website,
  • written against version 4.5.1 of Microsoft's .Net Framework,
  • sporting a funky Twitter Bootstrap user interface,
  • built on top of a highly scalable, Cloud-based database.

The whole thing is hosted up on Microsoft's Azure 'Cloud', and is elastically scalable at will, meaning that f thousands and thousands of people were to hammer the website all at the same time, the website (in theory) shouldn't fail.

It’s recently been upgraded to make use of an SSL certificate, too, meaning that the communications between your phone, tablet or computer make with our back-end servers are all done in an encrypted manner, for more peace of mind.

For those of you that don't care, essentially, the https://www.themenupile.co.uk website is online and that’s all that matters!

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