Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Wrong Menu Woes

It was always going to happen.  At some point, the restaurant owners have re-vamped their menus and then The Menu Pile website is out of date, as it’s still showing the older one.

I’ve been getting emails and Facebook direct-messages from you guys, saying that one restaurant or another had a new menu, but I wanted to make it easier for you to suggest that there was a problem.

Introducing… Report a Menu!

Providing that you’re logged into your account on The Menu Pile’s website, when you search for restaurants, you’ll now find that there’s a new drop-down menu called ‘Member Options’.


Inside there, you’ll currently see just one item, that says ‘REPORT: This menu is out of date’.  (More to add to this drop-down menu item soon!)

Clicking this link will take you to a confirmation screen, allowing you to double-check that you’re meaning business. From there, a notification is raised (so far only for my eyes) that there’s a problem with the menu.

I’ll get it (soon) such that these reports are (somehow) displayed on the screen for others to see, but I’m still working on the background functionality to check it all works first.

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