Wednesday, 28 January 2015

A few website tweaks

I’ve been busy working on the back-end of the website for a few days, getting things ready for the next addition to the site, but tonight I’ve spent a couple of hours tweaking the layout slightly. Thought I’d share this with y’all.

  • Out of date menus
    out of dateThis is something that I had added a little while back, but it needed to be brought to the front a little more.  If a menu is considered to be out of date, then it ought to show other users in case they’re going to the restaurant to get a takeaway.

    In the search results, a little banner now appears saying:  Menu out of date , signalling that it’s not the latest version. Once a new is uploaded, the banner will clear.
  • Sign Up / Log In
    Some people were getting confused by the same page which allowed for signing up (or registering) as logging in (for previously registered users) on The Menu Pile website.

    So, I’ve simply split this out and made it a little easier to see what’s going on.

There’s been lots of other exciting changes being made in the background that you can’t yet see, but they’re not quite ready yet to be announced to the public. But rest assured, work is continuing to make The Menu Pile website even better than it is now.

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Member benefits


The list of benefits to being a member on The Menu Pile website is growing over time, with more things to come.

If you're a member (which is free by the way!!) then you're now able to:

  • Add Favourites Restaurants
    Save restaurants to your favourites list, which are listed on the Home page every time you log in, on whichever device you choose to use.

  • Give Feedback
    Did you like (or dislike!) a meal from a particular takeaway recently? If so, why not write feedback that will go directly to the restaurant (anonymously) so that they can take your comments on-board.

  • Report an out-of-date Menu
    If you come across a menu on the website that you're sure is not the latest version, then a few clicks will raise the alarm bells ringing at Menu Pile headquarters.

  • Use your Facebook/Google/Microsoft/Twitter account for logging in
    Why create yet another username and password combination to remember, when you can use your existing account at any of these providers to create a secure a reliably way of logging into your account? None of your passwords are accessible by The Menu Pile website, and once logged in, it's a doddle to return. If you don't have an account at any of these places, you can register and sign-in the good ol' fashioned way.

Accounts on the website are free to use and growing in numbers already! If you want to create an account, simply click here to go directly to The Menu Pile website.