Sunday, 22 February 2015

Places, people!

In the past few days, I’ve added a number of additional restaurants to The Menu Pile website even though there aren’t necessarily the scanned menus to go with them…! 

There’s a reason for this, and here’s  what it is.

I get disappointed when using websites that that have a local element to it, such as website that provide online ordering for restaurants. Being a geek myself, I would like to be able to order food online from my favourite Chinese takeaway (Dragon Inn, Chatteris) but it’s not possible, as they aren’t signed up for this process. And in fact, nor are the vast majority of the restaurants in and around the two towns that are within takeaway-distance from my home. When I search for my post code on their sites, I’m only offered places that are at 20 miles away, which is a default ‘no’ from my perspective.


So, I wanted to add more details about the restaurants that are in the areas that I’ve got partly-covered, or not at all covered, so that if a visitor to the website from one of these places isn’t able to gain access to the scanned menu, at least there’s the name and details, telephone number and food hygiene rating for them, so as to not make them feel excluded from the party.

In addition, my being made aware of the places that I didn’t know about actually helps, as it serves as a ‘To Do’ list, in terms of needing to get the menus in for them.