Monday, 28 September 2015

Like the old, but much better!

Well. It’s taken a little while, but we, at Menu Pile HQ, have been very busy working constantly on not just the website part of The Menu Pile website, but on ‘the bits behind-the-scenes’, too.

We’ve added lots of new elements and features, some of which are now available, including:

  • A new LOGO
    LogoGreen1The old logo has been around for almost a year now, so looked tired and worn out. So, we’ve given it a permanent holiday and welcome the new logo in it’s place. 

    We’d love to hear your thoughts on this, by email, Facebook comments, Twitter, or whatever.

  • LOTS more places from across the UK
    The Menu Pile website now lists well over 100,000 places across the whole of the UK, from the very top, to the very bottom; from the far place in the East, right across the puddle to the other side of Northern Ireland. 

    Over a hundred. THOUSAND. restaurants. (That’s six noughts and a comma!)

    That’s a staggering amount of curries and kebabs out there, people!

    As more places open up, as well as those that close down, we’ll keep adding them on. 

    But our appeal still stands – if you have a menu that we don’t, send it into us! Details can be found here on The Menu Pile website.

  • Food Hygiene Ratings – increased frequency of checks
    We know that you all love checking the Food Hygiene Rating of your favourite takeaways and, for better or worse, they’re a main part of our website.  As part of our commitment to everyone who uses our website (takeaway customers and restaurant owners), we’ve dramatically increased the frequency of our checks in with the Food Standards Agency.  The dates beneath the logo still show when the FSA last checked a restaurant over, and the date (or wording) beneath that shows when we checked in with the FSA.

  • FASTER search results
    We found out (the hard way!) that adding another 95,000 places to our growing database could cause us problems. And it certainly did.

    A few of your ‘more honest’ comments came our way, and we’ve taken heed and swatted a few problems with the speed issues during when the search results came back. 

    Now, the results simply FLY in. The performance of the website has been massively increased from a geeky/techie level, and so we’re quite happy with it at the moment.  But the question is, are you?!

  • Restaurants Sign-Up page
    This is something we’ve banded about for a little while, but now we’re please to announce that restaurant owners can register (entirely for free) to see stats, etc. about their restaurant. 

    In addition, the feedback that is left by you, the user of the website, is shown to them but only the comments – your names and details are not available to them, so don’t panic!

    There’s a few more things to come in the pipeline regarding Restaurant Owners, but we’re conscious of getting this all out to start the ball rolling. (More about this to follow soon.)

So, let us know what you think!!  At the end of the day, we’re human beings too, (despite our constant inability to pass Captcha tests!) and our goal with The Menu Pile website is to please you, our visitors, by getting a takeaway menu in front of you, fast.  If there’s something that you think we can improve upon, tell us and we’ll see what can be done about it!

Thanks for reading – happy takeaways.

The (small-but-growing) Menu Pile Team

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