Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Current Progress

We've had a great couple of weeks at Pile HQ - we're almost at 700 Likes on the Facebook Page and had a huge amount of new sign-ups on the website; page-views on the site are higher than they've ever been!

We're always working to get more and more takeaway menus added to the website, meaning that we can help greater numbers of people, from across the UK, to get their curries quicker.

I know it's something that we have been doing individually, but I'd like to thank everyone that have been contributing menus - this helps us no end, as crowdsourcing the menus is a faster way for us to get them.

You know who you are, but a few recent names to thank for their bulk-menu contributions, are:

  • Robin from Stamford
  • David from Kent
  • Katie from Grantham
  • Emma from Lincoln
  • Stephen from Wisbech
  • …and there's loads more.

We appreciate every single one that we receive, either in the post, by email or in person.

If you want to help by sending in a few menus from around your way, simply go to https://www.themenupile.co.uk/SendIn for more details.