Sunday, 3 January 2016

A New Year!

Happy New Year

It doesn’t seem like a long time that The Menu Pile first hit the internet, but this is our second New Year with the site. Time is flying, so we must be enjoying ourselves.

We’ve got some more features planned for the website, as we’re constantly working in the background of the website and database, if not pounding the flatbed scanners with new menus from across the country. Some of the features we’ll be able to add without hesitation, but others will need a little structural work in the database before they’re able to be switched on. 

The biggest, and possibly the most important, feature that I, personally, have been working on/off for a little while now, is the ability to email-out to the registered Menu Pilers, to notify them of new menus in their area.  This isn’t necessarily a big deal, as most websites do this on a regular basis, but with such a small team, this is just a ‘time’ thing. The benefit of this could be huge, as I’m frequently getting asked when newer versions of a menu for a given place will be available online.  I’ve been doing my best with Facebook and emails so far, by responding to people’s questions, but this needs to be something that is automated. Of the people we’ve asked about new menu notifications, it appears that the significant majority think it’s a good thing, as they’re always interested in their local town or village.

We’re working on new additional graphs, too, for takeaway/restaurant staff, as we’re keen to show them some of the stats that we’re generating each day, week and month that we’re running. At present, we’re able to show them the number of menu views per month for the last year, their highest, lowest, average, etc etc etc.  In addition, we’re able to show them, as a whole, some other interesting stats on their venue, but we need to expand on this further, possibly even providing day-by-day stats.  All of this is available, for free, to registered restaurants. PLUG: If you work at a takeaway/restaurant, and you haven’t yet registered, click here now, and be taken to the My Restaurants page on The Menu Pile website.  Again, all free.

Hopefully, 2016 will be a good year for not just The Menu Pile website, but for the takeaway industry itself, as we’re here to help promote new and existing food outlets in your area, that you may not even be aware existed. There’s some fantastic eating places out there, and we’re trying to do out best to help.