Saturday, 30 July 2016

Even MORE mobile-friendly-ness updates!

A couple of months ago, in the last blog post, I mentioned about there being changes and modifications to The Menu Pile website, making it more mobile-friendly.


This time, there’s even more of that going on again!  We can see from our Google Analytics stats that you folks are more inclined to use The Menu Pile website on your mobiles and tablets, as opposed to desktops, so we’re trying our best to get the experience as near to ‘good’ as we can.

We’re not fully there yet, but we wanted you to know we’re working on it.

Some of the tweaks that we’ve made may be subtle and uninteresting to most, but some areas have been completely re-written, in order to either speed the loading times of the particular web-page, or because we’re trying to prepare the website for the future (secret) elements yet to be made public.

  • Favourites

    FavouriteOne such area that we’ve spent lots of time on, is the ‘Favourites’ button.  This was something that needed to be re-developed, as the ability to add a restaurant to your Favourites list was tucked away, under a drop-down menu and it wasn’t getting the air-time it probably deserved.  Now, when you click the ‘Favourite’ button, that particular website is immediately added (or removed!) from your list. And these can now be checked very easily from the menu item on the top right corner, when logged in.
  • Food Type Filters

    foodfiltersThis is something that we’ve wrestled with a fair bit in the past.  We wanted to make this super-easy for everyone to use, but we wanted to do that without impacting the performance of the website, and now, we think we’ve done it.  The food filters work by limiting the search results down to the ‘genre’ of food that you’re interested in, such as Chinese, or Indian, or Pizza, etc.  Previously, these used to just hide those not in the category you’d selected, but now there’s a bit more information along with them, in that the number of places in that category is now shown, and is reflected in the title once clicked.

There are lots more areas that have been re-worked but those above are ones that we thought you’d be more interested in. But sufficed to say, we’re constantly re-analysing the website and are always looking to improve the look and feel of the website, particularly on mobile-based devices as mentioned above.

The New Stuuuuuuuffffffff!

In addition to re-working existing areas of the website, we’ve got the start of some interesting areas of the website to mention in this latest release, namely…

  • My Menu Pile

    mymenupileThe ‘My Menu Pile’ screen.  For those of you that are members/subscribers to the website, you’ll now be presented with a brand new Home Page when you’re logged in.  The My Menu Pile screen is focused on YOU.  Your takeaways in your area, and this is something we want to work more on, so expect changes and upgrades in this space.
  • Restaurant-specific pages

    restaurantpagesAlso, in the ‘new’ category, are the restaurant-specific pages.  These are interesting as you’re NOW ABLE to see all feedback left for a restaurant by other users.  This is something that we had previously tried to keep private to the restaurant owners only, but after much demand from our users (yes, you guys!) we’ve decided to push this to the front of the queue and get the feedback out in the public. So, now you can see how our feedback rating stars are totted-up.  More ‘stuff’ to follow in these pages soon.
  • Restaurant sign-ups

    thisisyourbusinessIf you own or manage a restaurant, then you’ll want to sign-up on The Menu Pile, if you haven’t done so already!  Lots of places across the UK have done so already, and these are going to get the goodies first! 

    We’ve tweaked it, and have made the sign-up process MUCH easier than before, and brought the links to get starts right up to the forefront. 

    Sign up now and start managing your profile online. 

    Start by simply searching for your restaurant! It’s that easy!

There are more changes, updates, tweaks and touches that are coming in the pipeline, and this blog post is long enough already, but we’ll be releasing new features and functionality on the website as we go! Exciting times!

If there’s something that we’re doing that you like (or don’t like!), please feel free to get in touch and let us know, as we’d love to hear from you.  We always appreciate feedback as it helps us to better understand how you’re using the site, and if something makes it harder to find what you’re after, then let us know and we’ll see what can be done about it.

Until next time.