Thursday, 11 August 2016

Broke it. Fixed it.

Grey Duct Tape We’re very sorry, we didn’t mean to break it.

But now we’ve FIXED IT!

What are we talking about? Well, a range of people emailed in to say that they were having difficulty with The Menu Pile website, and they were getting error messages where they should have been seeing lovely-ness.

Long story short, we’ve found quite a few ‘bugs’ in the website and we’ve nailed all that we’ve found. Namely:

Logging in
A quirk of the log-in process, coupled with the new spangly My Pile screen meant that some weren’t able to log in properly, and a few people admitted to resorting to paper-based menus for their takeaway.  We’re pleased to say that this is now fixed – please try again!

Searching by County and town/village name
This was completely broken when the search results listings page was re-written, only we missed that it was broken. (Note to self: we need more automated UI tests…!)  This meant that not only were people not able to find their nearest restaurants by area, but it also had a negative impact on people coming through Google, as they had stopped indexing the broken pages after a number of attempts.  Again, this is all fixed, so please try again at your convenience.

We’re hoping that solves most of the problems that people have been having with the website, but we’re always at the other end of an email, in case you need us. 

If you’re interested, these bugs were fixed in version of the website, which is displayed in the bottom of the footer.  Each time we make any changes, this number will increase, as it helps us keep track of feature progress, bug fixes, and so on.