Saturday, 8 October 2016

Upcoming changes

For the whole time that The Menu Pile website has been online, we’ve always had lots of people visiting the website, as it appears that viewing menus online is a good/popular thing, and we love that. (We really do!)

We have said since day one, that the website should “remain free to use by the public”, and that’s something we intend on sticking to. But there’s one aspect of ‘free’ that we’ve always struggled with, namely whether you’re using the website being logged in or not.


One of the more significant upcoming changes that we’ve got coming soon for the website, is to make it such that you’d need to be logged in, in order to view the menus.   Of course, it’s still free to use, and you can log into the website using logins from

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Microsoft
  • Google

as well as creating a username and password with The Menu Pile site itself, so we’ve covered as many bases as we can for you.

But this idea hasn’t been an easy one to get to, here at Pile Headquarters, as we WANT people to use the website, and we’re trying hard to make it easy for everyone to use the website and not just the young and the hip.

So here’s what we’ve come up with:

New visitors to the website will be able to use the website and view menus online, just as they currently do. But when a new visitor starts using the website enough, we’re going to tip-over to simply asking for a log in, before viewing a menu.  Once logged in, you can view as many menus as you like.

Again, we’ve been working hard to make the logged in section a little special, and try to tailor parts of the website for your ease and convenience; this has manifested itself in the ‘My Pile’ section of the website, where you’re able to shortcut your favourites, or see your level of interest and contribution to our website, and the wider Menu Pile community.

By asking for a log in for the website, we’re able to see how The Menu Pile website is actually being used, and it will then allow us to make improvements such that the experience of finding a menu is as slick and easy to use as possible, whilst still remaining free at the point of use.

OBVIOUSLY we’ve got other things in the pipeline that you’re going to love, of which I’m not able to divulge this information at present, but logging in users is a much needed first step.

We hope this is ok with you all. Yes, that’s a semi-rhetorical question, as we need this to happen for future stuff, but on the same stroke, we’re still interested in your thoughts, input and opinions.  Drop us a line if this bothers you either way.