Tuesday, 4 April 2017


Where are you on our new Top 20 scoreboard of Top Pilers?

We’ve added some funky new pieces to The Menu Pile website recently, namely that of encouraging you to collect Pile Points for helping us out on the site.

The more you interact, the more Pile Points you receive. 

If you:

  • Send us a Menu – we’ll give you (at least) 50 points for each
  • Leave Feedback – we’ll give you 10 points
  • Recommend a friend – we’ll give you 50 points for each

- Earn as many Pile Points as you like!  -

Check out the Scoreboard page to see if you’re in the Top 20 or go to the Pile Points page to see what they’re all about.

Some features need you to be logged in – if you need to create an account, go to the Sign Up page now to get started.