Saturday, 15 July 2017

The Menu Pile Android App!

Completely free, and with NO ADS, the brand-spankingly-new app for The Menu Pile is now available on the Google Play Store!

It’s taken us a little while to get up there, but it’s the very first version! 

We have lots more features and functionality that we’re wanting to pile onto it, but for now, this first version is basic but operational.

Find me!

It’s ok when you’re at home wanting to find out what takeaways are near you, but when you’re away, or at a friend’s house, not knowing the post code can be a minor problem. Well, not any more, as the ‘Find Me!’ button uses your GPS in your phone to work out where you are, and then to find the nearest UK-based post code! Simples.


Need to get over to your takeaway restaurant to collect your food? Well, the ‘Directions’ button hooks into the Google Directions on your phone to show you where it is and how to get there, turn-by-turn! Or pavement-by-pavement, if you want to walk!

Calling the takeaway

No more faffing around dialling the number once you’ve got your list of dishes to order! Simply click the ‘Call’ button, and the app helps you to make a phone call right away.

This app is our very first version, and we’ll be adding more and more features to it over time. If there’s something that’s not quite right, or maybe you have a suggestion, why not drop us an email and tell us?